Monday, 11 February 2013


Have swapped to Ksyriums SLs and the bike, with pedals, now weighs 7.94Kgs (large frame). My only other change will be to swap the bars for my spare 42cms ProVibes, which should also shave off a little more weight.

My Canyon Ultimate AL Di2 came with Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheels, and fine though those wheels are, I'm tempted to sell them while they're still brand new, and upgrade to something a little lighter. I'm going to want to upgrade at some stage, so it makes sense to get the best price for the Equipes.

I'm probably looking at Mavic Ksyrium SLs but have recently read some good reports of the Velocite Gram SL wheelset. The hubs are supposed to be excellent and the wheels are well built and easy to maintain.
At 1400g they're extremely light and they cost just £569 according to the Velocite website.

They are well reviewed here.
"First ride out of the box was stunning, the hub bearings are ridiculously smooth and spin like silk yarn – super smooth. Against my other wheelsets, the Gram SL’s float along, this alone had me chuckling"

I'll update the blog as I delve back into the arcane world of wheel selection.
I'm also interested in:
Campag's Neutron Ultra (£680, 1529g)
HED Ardennes SL (£760, 1450g)
Strada Handbuilt (c.£700 c.1530g)
Cero AR30 (£449, 1400g)
but will research other options.