Tuesday, 17 February 2015


So finally it´s arrived. I could bore you with the details of how I ended up with the Enigma Etape frame after I´d ordered a Kinesis Gran Fondo back in August. 
But I have to say that I although I saved a couple of hundred quid by ordering from online supplier Shiny bikes, I´m not sure it was worth it for the months of waiting and the hair pulling.

However, the bike, now built up, is great!

Apart from the 3TTT Ergonova bars possibly being a bit racy for me, the fit is perfect.
My average speeds (compared to those achieved on my Vitus 979) have improved by three or four kms per hour.
And climbs up hills like Surrey´s White Down Lane and Box Hill seem easier than on any bike I´ve previously owned, including the Canyon.
This might be the bike, but it´s more likely because I´ve hardened (the *#ck) up by riding heavier bikes over the last few months.
The Enigma tips the scales at 8.5Kgs (more about that later) but that includes mudguards which will be coming off in April, so I´m saying just over 8Kgs.

The ride is spritely but assured, road buzz is minimal, and the frame is nice and stiff. It´s just a great all rounder.

Nonetheless, in a perversion of n+1, I´ve successfully reduced two bikes (winter and summer) to one.
I´ve alread been out for a few ´all weather´ rides, and they´ve been a joy.
But how long I can go without a pure summer bike, only time will tell...

Nick at TLCW
Note natty matching shoe covers

Neat welding!

Update April 2016:

I'm still loving the ride, but as usual, time marches on, and I'm thinking of getting myself a summer bike as a 60th birthday treat. 
On my holiday in Gran Canaria I hired a Canondale Synapse Ultegra (Bike of the Year 2016 I believe?) and was pretty impressed. 
Nick at the London Cycle Workshop thinks I can do better, so we'll have to see! Stand by for the next post lusting the various options. Including Nick's suggestion, a Colnago C60. It's such a great bike for the money!
Meanwhile, I'm never going to be without a great winter/touring bike. The Enigma √Čtape is a keeper!