Monday, 25 July 2011


Help, new excuses needed! So far I haven't come up with a good one.
My wife seemed remarkably relaxed when I told her I'd bought a vintage but tatty frame on eBay with the idea of doing it up in order to sell it. 
It was only when I showed it to her a couple of weeks later that she threw a wobbly. She had thought I'd bought a picture frame not a bike frame.

The frame as seen on eBay

The head tube after respray 
& new decal

The frame half way through decal application
Who couldn't be moved by this Campagnolo decal?

So now I'm back up to four bikes (well three and a half until the Rossin is re-built). I might have to sell one of them. But which one?
You can read more about the Rossin project here. Unless you're Mrs ElPrez in which case, it'll be up for sale soon dear, honest.

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