Monday, 3 October 2011


To be honest, I haven't always worn a helmet. For short rides I sometimes don't bother. 
But today I went for a long ride and stopped off at the London Cycle Workshop on my way home. 
Were I just visiting the workshop I might have gone without one, but it's just as well I had one on today because joining Battersea Rise from the cycle path I attempted to accelerate away, which unfortunately caused the chain to come off.  
As I was out of the saddle I had a heavy fall, landing hard on my head, shoulder & hip. To be honest I was pretty lucky not to damage the bike. 
Rather than putting the unfortunate machine down, a team of bicycle mechanics are working through the night to acertain the cause of the mechanical malfunction. Hopefully, by dawn the problem will be rectified and we can all get on with our lives.
So it just remains for me to say: PLEASE WEAR A HELMET!!

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  1. It's amazing how poor the quality control is on the manufacturing of bicycle helmets, especially when their manufacturers make sales by implying (but not stating outright) that they will protect their wearers in the event of a collision involving a motorist. When they crack like that, it means the helmet is defective. When helmets work they are supposed to squash rather than smash, although they aren't really designed to offer protection for anything much more serious than falling off a stationary or slow moving bike anyway.

    As someone who has landed on his skull a few times, I've got to say that they are actually pretty durable on their own...