Saturday, 31 December 2011

'GOALS' FOR 2012

Three main cycling goals for 2012:
Updates in blue
1 Enter my first sportive [finished 123rd out of 154 after cramping due to hydration mistake - May Flyer 13/05/2012 54 miles, 3400 ft of climbing!]
2 Break 22 mins for 1 lap of Richmond Park (23.30 is my PB)
[UPDATE: 22:45 on 07/05/2012 in heavy rain. Close but no cigar]
[UPDATE: 21.30 on 18/05/12!! Mission accomplished!]
3 Try track cycling at Herne Hill Velodrome
[Two laps of Welwyn Track complete, 'guided' by Laura Trott!]
1 There are plenty of sportives around so no excuses.
2 Bearing in mind David Millar managed a lap in 13 minutes, you'd think 22 minutes would be easy. Unfortunately my 23 mins 30 secs record was a bit of a killer, so not sure how I'm going to achieve this one. Being 55 is no excuse apparently. My last attempt was 26 minutes but it was windy.
3 As for track cycling, here's two reasons why it'd be great to give it a try!

I've never ridden fixed gear and was quite looking forward it until a work colleague told me of the time he won a race at Herne Hill and threw his arms up as he crossed the winning line and stopped pedalling. He was wearing an old fashioned helmet which saved him from serious injury, but he hasn't raced since.

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