Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I've agreed to use my bike to get around London in the event of 'gridlocked' traffic during the Olympic Games starting on Wednesday 25th July as the Olympic Lanes come into force. I'll have my kit in two Ortlieb paniers and the camera in a rucksack (I'm a news cameraman with ITN).
I've changed from 3 hub gears to 10 speed Tiagra to cope with the extra weight of the kit and any hills.
The newly launched Tiagra 10 speed shifting is excellent, very slick and precise and the bike feels a bit racier than it did before.


  1. Looks like a nice set up. I was in London last summer, and did a little bike tour of the area - it was a really good time. Although I'm glad I won't be there with the hordes of Olympic watchers.

  2. Yes I'm wondering how easy it'll be getting around on a bike with two big paniers if the roads are gridlocked. Better than being stuck in a car though!

  3. Had a chuckle at this, at BBC Radio London back in the 1970's at Hanover Square we had a large poster with every 'flashpoint' identified and the time it would take to get there by motorbike, push bike, car and monkey bike (mine) ( a fold up motorised 'motobecane' the Uher 4000-L would be strapped upright to the luggage rack ready for immediate use...