Saturday, 8 December 2012


We've heard a lot about the new SRAM Red groupset.

We've heard that it 'represents the pinnacle of road racing technology and delivers countless performance advantages to the professional and enthusiast alike'. 

We've also heard that it weighs 1730g and costs £1,400.00
We've heard that you can change gear and that most of the time the chain doesn't come off.
We are also familiar with our old friend, the Campagnolo Veloce groupset.
It weighs 2454g and it costs £342.00
You can change gear and most of the time the chain doesn't come off.

We've thoroughly road tested bikes with Campag Veloce and SRAM Red both on the road and our laboratories* and can confirm that they're exactly the same.

The weight difference of 724g is all in the mind. If you think the weight matters you could try drinking two pints less per week, which should see the three quarters of a kilo falling off nicely.

Your bike will also look much nicer and your mates won't think you're crazy.

Campag Veloce, gram for gram possibly the best the world.**

* Possibly not true
** Possibly