Monday, 9 September 2013


Bradley Wiggins' stated targets for the remains of the 2013 season are the Tour of Britain and the World Time Trial Championship in Tuscany on 25th Sptember.
I just found a few photos from back on 1st July 2012 at the London Olympics, when Wiggins followed up his historic victory in the Tour de France with time trial gold.
Great memories.

I was filming for ITN on the day. I cycled from my home near Clapham Common to the centre of the course with my camera gear in paniers, and filmed some interviews, atmospher shots and vox pops with the crowd after Brad's victory. With ITV being non rightsholders I wasn't allowed to film any of the action. In fact I wasn't even allowed to film any part of the course, even without the cyclists on it, virtually on pain of death! 

I also filmed a quick piece for Channel Four News who seemed to have a thing about Wiggo's sideburns. 
I was so full of adrenaline after a momentous day, that on my way home I took on, and just about held my own against, a group of roadies riding round Richmond Park, heavy bike with paniers and everything. Mind you, it nearly killed me.

Bike Cam. Surly Crosscheck, 10 GEARS - Tiagra
After the euphoria of 2012 this year has been a bit of a comedown for Wiggins, but here's hoping he'll finish the season on a high (or two). Which ever way you want to take that!

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