Sunday, 3 August 2014

L'Eroica Britannia Weekend

The Team:

Joe Quill (1956 Mal Rees)

Andy Bell (1984 Vitus 979)

Craig Bell (1984 Holdsworth)

Jim Dutton (1977 Koga-Miyata Gents Tourer)

Amongst our number the tandem 10 mile time trial record holders, Joe and Craig. 

My teammates all rode proper old school pre 1987 racing bikes, as per the rules. I was on a heavyweight 'Gents Tourer' which, while awesome on the Strada Bianchi, was a bit of a disaster on the climbs. Craig and Joe bestrode Holdsworths, whereas Andy used one of only two aluminium bikes allowed, a Vitus 979. Incredibly light and appropriately colour matched to 'Fosters blue'. 

Pre race line-up:

And in the heat of the action:

Finish line relief:

Blessed as we were with fine weather the 60 mile ride provided a reasonable challenge for our team, although I suspect that a couple of our number could have handled the full 100 miles without too much of a problem. 
The route directions were spot on, the feed stations well stocked and the glass of Pimms (or sparkling wine) with fine sandwiches at Chatsworth House was a real treat. 

Post race refreshments:

What an incredible weekend. Many beers, many miles, great organisation, great companions. 

And if you were overtaken on the hills, chances are it was by someone like Team Peugeot!

Team Bell finished a creditable 327th.  Probably. 

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