Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Took part in the May Flyer sportive (my first) on Sunday (13th May 2012).
It was going well, averaging 18mph up to the feed station at 33 miles. 
After a banana and cake we (my mate Mike and I) got to a steep climb, the one before Coombe Hill at about 42 miles. Half way up I got massive cramp in the back of my thigh (hamstring I think). Excruciating. Have never had cramp during or after a ride before (and it would be great not to get it again!)
Tried to continue but got cramp again near the start of Coombe Hill, but this time in both hamstrings. Had to wait 20 minutes this time for the cramps to go away. For the remainder of the ride I had to push the bike up the hills and cycle gingerly on the flat or downhill bits. At least I got to the finish line (123rd out of 154) which was something. Big thanks to Mike for sticking with me all the way.

What caused the cramp?
1 Forgot my isotonic drinks. I normally use Nuun tablets, but used carb drinks instead.
2 Probably went too fast, possibly because of the carb drinks (and the EPO).
3 I was dehydrated to start with. Maybe don't drink red wine the night before a sportive?

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