Thursday, 31 May 2012

I help Laura Trott round the Welwyn Velodrome

This was my first attempt on a track bike and I go and get double World Champion and World Record holder Laura Trott for company. She seemed to think it was hilarious (can't imagine why).
I had just filmed Mark Austin's interview with Laura for an ITN Olympics special report and I didn't expect her to follow me round. She frightened the life out of me; imagine crashing and taking out the favourite for two gold medals at the 2012 games. Not good.

Laura Trott will be one of our '5 to follow' for the Olympics. 

By the way, my second lap was a bit faster...

 And this is how it's really done...


Trotty's road bike
Mark thinking up the next question

Notoriously cheap & nasty Montana track bike. I thought it was great!
Manchester Velodrome June 2012

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