Sunday, 16 September 2012


Ever since I became a born again cyclist three years ago I've had trouble shifting between the small ring and the big ring. The left hand sweep of the shifter required to get the front derailleur to move the chain across from one ring to the other has always been a bit hit and miss.
After having always blamed the bike I've now realised it's because of my left hand. I had the two middle fingers blown off by a mortar bomb in Sarajevo in the early nineties, and although they were re-attached they ended up shorter as the middle joints were shattered. Try shifting using only your index finger and you'll see it's not the most effective way of doing it.
Sometimes it works fine and sometimes it doesn't, but until recently I was blaming the shifters and was forever taking my Ribble back to the workshop only to be told that there was nothing wrong with the setup. The change from Campag Athena to SRAM Red didn't help at all and it gradually dawned on me that maybe it was my technique rather than the shifters that were to blame. I mentioned this to the guys in the workshop and it seems they thought that all along but didn't have the heart to tell me!
After quite a bit of research I've gone for the Canyon Ultimate AL 9.0 Di2 which has had great reviews, and the workshop guys say it's a well built machine from their experience working on them. Hopefully my shifting problems are over!
To fund this purchase I've sold the Ribble and the Rossin, both bikes that I loved in their own way. There's more about the Rossin here.
The Canyon weighs in at 7.55Kgs which is almost exactly the same weight as I'd got the Ribble down to. I intend see how I get on with the Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheels and Selle Italia Race SE saddle, but still have the Zondas and Fizik Aliante in reserve in case needed.
So I still have leftover Pro-Vibe bars and seatpost, stem, Zonda wheels, a all I need is a new frame, some shifters......

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