Thursday, 27 September 2012

VINTAGE KOGA-MIYATA GT (1977) Impossible to Resist!

Seriously, how am I expected to resist this beauty!? It's a Koga-Miyata Gents Tourer model from 1977 in green metallic paint. The good news is there are around fifteen different models from tourers to pro racing bikes, they're great value and there's an excellent website where you can buy them. 

And my excuse? Well this one's staying at the in-laws in Suffolk so that when we visit them I'll be able to go for rides. Ideal!

Koga-Miyata was a Dutch company formed in 1974 that made high end bikes using Japanese components, mainly Shimano. In 2010 it became just Koga.
From 1980 Koga Miyata sponsored the IJsboerke cycle team with immediate success when the Dutch rider Peter Winen won a stage of the Tour de France at the Alpe d'Huez.

My touring model uses a Shimano 600 groupset, SR Afex cranks and Mavic wheels. As a tourer there are dual brake levers, but apart from that (and the addition of mudguards not present on mine) the model is the same spec as the Gents Racer.

And the excuse for buying her (apart from the extraordinary good looks, the great value etc!)? Well, for weekends with the in-laws in Suffolk it will be fantastic to have a bike based there for nice long rides. And there are at least three of the family who'll be able to make use of her. Can't wait for my first ride!
Happy days!

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