Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Really busy day today, not helped by having to dash off to Wimbledon for work, followed by a mad dash through a thunderstorm to make a doctor's appointment.

After some wheel building shenanigans the big news was that the
Crosscheck turns out to be set up for V brakes which is fine by me as they are more efficient than calipers. This meant that Nick's suggestion of flat bars now became more of a 'you will have flat bars!'.

Fitting spacers in order to get the Sturmey to fit. Something to do with O.L.D.s.

We're now just awaiting and some Brooks bar grips which will finish the bike off nicely.

The test ride home and back was
great. The Sturmey 3 speed gear ratios are perfect for the hills around Northcote Road. It was a joy to ride and the bike itself
ticks all the boxes. A commuter that'll cope with shopping and trips to the park with the kids.

Whether I'll ever lock it up anywhere is another matter!

More pix very soon.

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