Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Single Speed Commuter

After commuting to work a couple of times on my Trek I realised that one of the reasons every other cyclist was going faster than me wasn´t just fitness, or lack of it, but was in part related to my choice of bike. My daughter´s boyfriend Marcus came round on a Specialized Langster one day and I was amazed at how light it was compared to my hybrid. A quick spin round the block and I was sold on the single speed idea. Ideal for a London commute with no hills to speak of. A few days later I popped in to Evans in Clapham and had a look at their single speed line up. The Charge Plug caught my eye and I had a test ride. Maybe not a nifty as the Langster but not bad. A couple of days later I got talking to cyclist who had sped past me on his Plug and he told me, with a grimace, that the Wiggle had just knocked 40% off the price. I went home and ordered one that night for£299.99

[Above: Charge Plug, with mechanic Nick van Vader´s track bars.]
The cycle to work used to take me 45 mins on the Trek. This soon became 30 mins on the Plug.

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