Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Then Came the Hills


I took the Plug to Richmond Park a couple of times and found I couldn´t get up the hills without gears. You see, this is how the road bike fixation begins! So.....time for a trip to Condor Cycles, just 200 yards from my office. Being a couple of hundred yeards from the office I´d walked past Condor hundreds of times without much more than a glance.

But during 2010 I started to notice how the bikes were somehow other wordly with their carbon fibre and aero wheels, or hinting at an era of classic design and Italian styling.

28th Oct 2010: Eventually after several scouting trips I asked for a test ride on the Acciaio that they had in the sale. It had been on their stand at the Earls Court Bike Show and it was my size. It my first experience of a road bike and flying round the streets near Grays Inn Road was enough to make me part with my cash right away.

Acciaio is Italian for steel. It´s a steel bike. Neat huh?

Campagnolo Veloce groupset, Fizik Arione Kium saddle, Campagnolo Vento Reaction wheels. And nice badge.

9.44 Kgs (Seemed as light as a feather to me at the time)

This was my bike for long rides, but wasn´t a commuting bike. Much to good for that!

The top of Ditchling Beacon. Nice tights.

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