Thursday, 31 May 2012

I help Laura Trott round the Welwyn Velodrome

This was my first attempt on a track bike and I go and get double World Champion and World Record holder Laura Trott for company. She seemed to think it was hilarious (can't imagine why).
I had just filmed Mark Austin's interview with Laura for an ITN Olympics special report and I didn't expect her to follow me round. She frightened the life out of me; imagine crashing and taking out the favourite for two gold medals at the 2012 games. Not good.

Laura Trott will be one of our '5 to follow' for the Olympics. 

By the way, my second lap was a bit faster...

 And this is how it's really done...


Trotty's road bike
Mark thinking up the next question

Notoriously cheap & nasty Montana track bike. I thought it was great!
Manchester Velodrome June 2012

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Took part in the May Flyer sportive (my first) on Sunday (13th May 2012).
It was going well, averaging 18mph up to the feed station at 33 miles. 
After a banana and cake we (my mate Mike and I) got to a steep climb, the one before Coombe Hill at about 42 miles. Half way up I got massive cramp in the back of my thigh (hamstring I think). Excruciating. Have never had cramp during or after a ride before (and it would be great not to get it again!)
Tried to continue but got cramp again near the start of Coombe Hill, but this time in both hamstrings. Had to wait 20 minutes this time for the cramps to go away. For the remainder of the ride I had to push the bike up the hills and cycle gingerly on the flat or downhill bits. At least I got to the finish line (123rd out of 154) which was something. Big thanks to Mike for sticking with me all the way.

What caused the cramp?
1 Forgot my isotonic drinks. I normally use Nuun tablets, but used carb drinks instead.
2 Probably went too fast, possibly because of the carb drinks (and the EPO).
3 I was dehydrated to start with. Maybe don't drink red wine the night before a sportive?

Friday, 11 May 2012

Ribble in Weight Loss Shock!

I've splashed out on a Pro Vibe carbon monocoque seatpost and the weight of the Sportive Bianco is now down to 7.9Kgs (after replacing my Campag Khamsin wheels with Campag Zondas).
The scales we're using were thought to be reliable but they said 7.62Kgs last time we weighed it (see below). Not sure what that's all about.
I've also aquired a second hand SRAM Red groupset which is about to be added to the bike instead of the Campag Athena.